If your prerequisites require the development of a specific interface on specifications, Kynoppe and its partners have the skills and ad-hoc tools to support you in the development of any complete solution.

From the choice of the technology switching to be implemented, up to design from the HMI through the development any software controlling the assembly;

In summary :



always present by your side to help you anticipate and innovate ...

5 key steps


the main lines

Definition of functions & technical requirements:
Kynoppe assesses with you all of your needs, expectations and technical requirements. If it has not yet been established, Kynoppe will assist you in drafting the specifications.

major maneuvers

Drafting specifications :
The technical requirements are weighed and the Kynoppe team chooses with you the technology (s) that will animate your HMI solution. Once this first choice has been made, the specifications are sent to the design office.

the concept

CAD design:
The conception and design of one or more initial hypotheses is carried out in 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project.

drum roll

Presentation of the solution:
Kynoppe presents the results of the studies to you; from design to the cost structure, including the manufacturing process. Possibly several options are presented to you.

here we go !

Prototyping and serial production:
Once the final solution has been defined, it's time for prototyping ... then, once all the parameters have been validated, the electrical, durability and resistance tests have been carried out, series production can begin after the FAI (First Article Inspection).


some examples

anodized push buttons specific color ...
... color!

60mm DIA piezoelectric button for airplane cabin toilet 100% custom !

automotive dashboard element 100% personalized

vandal-proof push button with custom light logo
for call station

double pole microswitch wiring according to specifications
for aeronautical application

"flighstick" box hardened
for military application

trackball case hardened to NEMA4X standard
for military application

waterproof led indicator specific wiring
for industrial control equipment