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Mini Joystick with FSR® technology

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Mini Joystick with FSR® technology

Force Sensing Resistors or FSR® are thick solid polymer film devices that exhibit a decrease in resistance as the force applied to the sensor surface increases.

The high-precision MicroJoystick solution is an intuitive, innovative pointing interface that providessimultaneously 360 degree controldirection and speed at your fingertips.
The Micro Joystick solution includes the joystick component and a micro-controller with patented measurement firmware.
It is ideal for integration intolaptops, remotes, games, rugged products and other portable products where space is limited.


Interlink Electronics

Inventor of FSR (Forse Sensing resistor) technology: position and force sensors, trackpads, micro-mouse...Interlink Electronics is the world leader in Force Sensing Resistor® (FSR®) technology and is one of the pioneers of this technology with integrated electronics. Based in Camarillo in the United States, Interlink Electronics has been present for 25 years in the sensitive switching market. Supplying many electronic subcontractors, we find this technology in portable devices such as mobile telephony. , MP3s, computers... These intuitive interfaces are used by major electronics manufacturers. also appreciated by engineers thanks to the flexibility offered by these products. Typical target applications are medical, industrial, automotive, electronic subcontracting, etc. Interlink Electronics is ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certified, but also ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System).

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