Pit Bottom Lift Boxes

Elevator boxesPitBottom,pit bottom, EN81.20 / EN81.50 compliant

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Elevator boxesPitBottom,pit bottom, compliantEN81.20 / EN81.50

Standard range of lift boxes for securing the bottom of the pit:

  • “emergency stop” boxes
  • control boxes
  • enclosuresbypass
  • pendant controlsspecificpit bottom
  • fully customizable solutions



Giovenzana can be described as a leader in the market for interface and safety components applied to the automation, lifting, handling, control and elevator sectors. For many years Giovenzana has been driving innovation and draws its strength from its ability to work together and in close collaboration with the major manufacturers present in these markets. Giovenzana is also an authentic supplier oftailor-made solutionswhich can claim a long track record of custom industrial achievements.
The standard Giovenzana range, for its part, is perfectly adapted to the needs of the large European market and is also very successful on the export markets.
Giovenzana, present for nearly half a century, intends to continue its strong development with the support of its customers. In this spirit, the current management staff looks to the future with serenity without losing sight of the major axes which are investment, reliability and the total quality of its products.
Giovenzana International is ISO 9001 certified and its productions cover the main international UL/CSA approvals; VDE; IMQ; CCC; GHOST…

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